Monday, September 28, 2009

The metric System is at our door steps

Hello! Are you ready for the change? Did I hear you say what Change? Well my dear reader it is the change fron the Imperial measure to Metric
St. Lucia is preparing its citizens for the change which is due to take effect come January 1, 2010.
I thought it prudent of me to give my readers a little insight into the metric system which I am sure will be helpful to them as well as their kids. Make no bones about it, metric is easier to work with, once you grasp the concept,
In the window on the right of this blog you will see a site " Metric Conversions." Use this to do your conversions.Just click on the link.
Have you ever examined the labels of a Baron bottle of ketchup (medium) net contents 28 oz/754g, bottle of Sunrise oil 1 litre, bottle of Baron gravy browning (small) 14oz/397g, a packet Maggi chicken noodle soup 60g, anAvon Cool Confidence roll on 9small) 50ml/1.70z, a Heineken beer 250ml/8 3/4fl oz,a small Nido powdered milk 900g, a packet pink beans 1lb/454g and one roll Snuggle toilet paper 4"x 4" (10.2cm x 10.2cm). You relised that on some labels there were two sets of measurements imperial - "lb" for pound, "oz" for ounces and " for inches. This is the measurements that were most used in our everyday lives, but soon the mesurements "g "for gram, "kg" for kilogram, "ml" for millilitres and "cm" for centimetresas well as "m" for metre will become part of our everyday vocabulary. So get used to it. In tomorrow's post I will let you have a simple conversion table which will make life easier for you.
My dear reader make yourself knowledgeable on the topic as you can never tell: there may be scammers on the loose hoping to capitalise on your ignorane of the metric system.
Don't forget to check the link. Finally,the metric systm was developed in late 18th century France by the chemist Antoine Laurent Lavoisier. Picture seen above.

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