Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bousquet Addresses UN General Assembly

Those of us who had the expertise could have watched live our District Rep. in his capacity as St. Lucia's Minister of External Affairs, International Trade and Investments deliver a superb speech to the United Nations General Assembly. It all took place at exactly 5:25pm Tuesday September 28, 2009 and lasted twenty minutes.
This was the 64th sitting of the General Assembly. The Guinea Foreign Minister had just finished his presentation and the voice of the newly appointed President echoed through the assembly, calling on the St.Lucia's External Affairs Minister to make his presentation. What a moment!
Bousquet arose and strolled down the isle in his porshe greyish tuxedo well matched with a blue tie. The graceful walk towards the podium alone, told you this was a no nonsense Minister.
Bousquet started by acknowledging the appointment of the President of this 64th Assembly.

This was his opening statment:

"Mr. President,
Mr. Secretary‐General
Distinguished Delegates,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Mr. President, let me extend the warm congratulations of the delegation of Saint Lucia on your
election to serve as the President of the 64th Session of the UN General Assembly. With your
vast diplomatic experience we are most confident that this session will yield significant results
in advancing the agenda of the international community through this most universal of
institutions – the General Assembly – which has been rightly coined by your predecessor,
Miguel D’Escoto Brockman, as the “G‐192.” We express our appreciation for the work of
President D’Escoto Brockmann who succeeded in further elevating the General Assembly to
regain its rightful place as the parliament of the world. We pledge to work with you, Mr.
President, in furtherance of this approach.
We thank also Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, for his tireless efforts on behalf of us all."

Excerpts of the full speech will be posted at a later date.


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