Sunday, June 14, 2009

Raveneau Inner Road/Footpath Officially Opened

Residents in the community of Raveneau came out by the dozens to witness the opening of a road/footpath that was recently constructed through the joint partnership of the district rep. and the Taiwanese Government.
The ceremony got underway at about 4:00 pm under heavily overcast sky. Mr. Jimmy Haynes, the master of ceremony welcomed the the District Rep. the representative of the Taiwanese Government , Mr Charles Li , and other invited guest.
Mr. Haynes, in his brief remarks stated that this this project is a campaign promised fulfilled and for that both the residents and himself are grateful to the Taiwanese Government through the initiative of mr. Rufus Bousquet.
Mr. Li, the minister in the Taiwanese Embassy, pledged his government's continued support for the people of Choiseul and by extension the people of St. Luca.
While intereacting with the residents, Mr. Li expressed his concern as to the conditions the residents might have had to endure before this road was paved. This was glaringly apparent as heavy showers had already poured earlier in the day.
Mr. Bousquet, in his usual flambouyant and articulate manner,using the Kweole dialect, thanked the Taiwanese Government for the assistance to the people and stated emphatically " I am a man of my word and when I promise, I deliver." This statment done in the dialect was met with a thunderous applause.
The vote of thanks was moved by a well known community activist Mrs. Luciana Leonce.
The road was officially opened by the cutting of the ribbon by a young resident , and witnessed by the District Rep. and the Representative of the Taiwan's Government.
The Government Information Service covered the whole event.

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