Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Morne Sion Senior Citizen Gets Wheelchair

Charles St. Martin of Morne Sion, got a well deserved Father’s Day gift, compliments the Taiwanese Government and The District Representative. Mr. St. Martin, 87, is suffering from Alzheimer’s and as a result this has made him completely immobile
A wheelchair was presented to him on Sunday June 21, 2009. Making the presentation in the presence of the immediate family was the District Rep. who stressed the importance of taking care of the elderly. He promises to look into matters affecting the elderly in his constituency. The recipient of the gift though he remained quite mute (effects of the illness) he nodded his head in acknowledgement and gratitude for recieving the chair.
His grand daughter Kace St. Martin on behalf of the family, thanked the Taiwanese Government and Mr. Bousquet for responding to the needs of her grand dad. She said that the wheelchair will be of great assistance in moving their grand dad within the house and even to take him to the veranda to view the land scape which he knew so well.
Bousquet doing the humanitarian thing.

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