Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bousquet Meets With Sports Enthusiasts

On Saturday January 24, 2009 The District Representative met with some key persons in the district who have been involved in sports. Some of these key persons were The Community Development Officer, Mr Mc Arthur Phillip, Mr. Glen Albert, Mr John Mathurin, District Education Officer, Miss Kay Clarke , Principal , Rivere Doree Combined School, and Mr. Jonathan Chalon, President, Choiseul Sports Council. Other persons there represented their different communities, like Caffierre, Balca and Village

Bousquet informed those present that he is disappointed with the way sports is being managed in the district. He made reference to reports reaching him about the dismall performance of the Football Committee during The JMD Bousquet Football Tournament. He emphasised the point that he is willing to give assistance in whatever way needed and that is why he has called this meeting with this selected group hoping to be able to chart a way forward.

Bousquet went on to lay some of his plans for sports for the year.

1) Field for Delcer

2) Multi-purpose court for La Pointe

3) Field for Morne Jacques

4) Pavilions for La Fargue

5) Upgrading of the Caffiere Field

The Park Estate Field was recently upgraded while the Coco field in Dacretin is currently being upgraded.

The meeting focussed mainly on the reasons for the decline of sports in the district. Glen noted " Some of the guys here have seen sports at its best and at its lowest ebb and with proper reflection we can find out what is causing its downfall. " He went on to recognise Mac for being able to get into the communities to get the clubs and teams going.

There seem to be a consensus among the persons present that poor administration and a lack of co-ordination are main reasons for where sports is today.

Mac told the meeting that when he resumes work he has some ideas wherby he hoping to integrate sports into his work calender.He also noted that a Sports Officer is needed for the district. This The Rep. says in forthcoming.

A second meeting is scheduled in two weeks time.

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