Friday, January 02, 2015

Just What Will It Take, Mr Rep?

Our Parliamentry Rep
Am I impressed with the Rep's representation so far? His surrogates may call me biased, but it is a resounding NO. More about my disappointments later.
The Hon Lorne Theophilus began his 2014 Christmas Message with this paragraph - "I can hardly believe that another has gone by and that this is the fourth time that I have had the honor of addressing you in my capacity as Parliamentary Representative for Choiseul and Saltibus and the Minister for Tourism Heritage and Creative Industries."
He continued, "The Christmas Season for me means many things. It is a time for introspection and at times solemn reflection on the past year, and with it the various triumphs and attendant challenges."
Weh mesieur! "........time for introspection and solemn reflection..... [on my representation?]"  Words in [ ] my own. You bet; he had to do some self examination of his mental and emotional state to come to grips with reality. And yes, he could also not believe that this is the fourth  time he has addressed his constituents. Oh how time flies for the non-caring! And solemn reflection? His solemness reflection on the past year, to me, speaks loudly to his failure to connect meaningfully and continuously with most of the communities within his constituency.

A Lorne  Project
"I feel comforted that despite the odds I managed with the help of my family, and committed staff at my ministries and loyal constituents to meet most of my objectives this year."  He boasts of. Is that a means of comfort for the Rep? What were these objectives? - the Fiette road, the Balca drainage,the footpath at Esperance, the surrogates giving work only to the "en rouges", a Constituency Council that can barely function on the little stipend they receive quarterly? For real! One of the objectives our Rep did achieve is his non presence in numerous communities - the Forgotten Communities of Roblot, Lamaze, Debreuil and Rivere Doree stand out in this regard. And my God,recently at a convention that was held in Choiseul, to hear Pierre and Dalson cry to the public,to overlook Lorne's poor visitation record in the Constituency.
However bravo Mr Rep, for the little you have achieved so far. The people can do with it.
Roblot Multi-purpose Centre
In the same breath, I must be, and continue be on the Rep's back to remind him of his promise (wasn't that an objective?) to the Roblot and Piaye constituents for a Multi-purpose Center this financial year. I got some reliable information that the construction of the centers are in the pipeline. This was also confirmed to me by the Rep himself, when I met him at the opening ceremony of the Bois D'Orange Bridge. "What are you doing here?" He asked. Just covering the ceremony, I replied. "This guy keeps on giving me endless sticks on the net." He side-talked to a female friend of mine. I simply laughed it off. To be quite frank, there was no malice or ill-feeling, it was all done in a friendly atmosphere. My problem with this promise, is will it be fulfilled.
STEP - garbage
I have issues with the continued preferences exhibited in the STEP and the different roadworks packages managed by the Rep's Constituency Office. There must be more transparency. One may be quick to criticize the former administration, but two wrongs don't make a right. We must learn to move away from such pettiness. The glaring display of one household member repeatedly having more than one job in anyone package is beyond reason. The constant recycling of the same workers is heart wrenching. The polling division I-5 speaks to this in no uncertain may very well be a directive from the Rep's local office. I stand corrected.
 This may very well be the Lorne's last Christmas message before elections. It is very likely that after a great budget speech by the PM, come April/May, one may hear of a general election. Has Lorne done enough to stand another chance? Has he given his constituents the quality representation that he promised back in 2011? Most of his supporters will answer in the positive and conversely by those on the other side of the divide. But be warned, this election result rests in the hands of the youth and to a certain extent - the women of this nation.
Rep and allegged Challenger
In my opinion, Lorne needs to get into "representation mode". The whole idea of him posting stuff on his Facebook page showcasing his projects is not enough.There are many issues which need his attention. On the other hand the opposition in the Constituency, to me, is a ship with no rudder. They are a lost case. So what is the alternative? Time will tell.
It is however interesting to read what the Rep said as he did some "introspection and solemn reflection," in his Christmas message. "I look forward to the days that I will spend with my constituents, family and friends and hope that I can bring nothing but cheer and good will during these times and our interactions in the future."
"Choiseul on the Move", and many communities look forward to that day.


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