Monday, September 22, 2014

Uwp Choiseul Branch Exec Still In Rufus's Back Pocket?

Rufus Bousquet
  Put it how you want, Rufus's influence still manifest's itself on the members of the Uwp Constituency Branch Executive and by extension the constituency. If you disagree, then you must admit that the Welfare Officer on the executive can surely sway the other members to carry out Rufus' agenda. Live with it!
   At the  Party's Conference of Delegates meeting that was held yesterday at Mon Repos, though a nomination was not going to come from the Choiseul Branch, I was expecting a well-known Choiseulian within the political circles to  be nominated for the post of Deputy Chairman. It was hoped that the nomination might have come from a Castries based branch....I  stand corrected That did not happen. Whether this individual had a change of heart or chickened out, is for another show.
   Did it surprise you that Choiseul executive, through Peter 'Reds" Philip,showed their displeasure with Allen's leadership by nominating Claudius Preville to via for the post of Political Leader come November 2014, at the Party's Annual Convention. It must be noted here, that Claudius himself must be disappointed with Allen's style
Dr Claudius Preville
of leadership to accept the nomination. If he was in sync with Allen's leadership he would not have accepted the nomination.Truth be told.
Allen Chastanet
    He Claudius, mentioned  a couple weeks ago that he was asked by some persons to throw his hat in the ring. Question.  Who were these persons? Was it a King-Frederick faction? Was Rufus at that meeting?Why was the task of nomination left to the Choiseul Branch? Did Rufus rally to get the Choiseul Branch to go for Dr Preville? These are some of the questions bugging the minds of Chastanet's team. Choiseul on The Move, have on more that one occasion call into question the loyalty of the Choiseul Executive to Allen Chastanet. Instead of heeding to the complains one, "Just Come" Catherine, a know-it-all stupidity, and other nut cases think this is not so. Well here it is.Sleep on it.
   Talking about dead horses and commitment; those from outside Choiseul that thought they were running things got the shock of their lives.
   The UWP hierarchy would have liked to go into this upcoming convention with Chastanet running unopposed. This is a blow to them. It clearly shows that there is discontent with Chastanet as political leader.ely
  With the nomination coming from Choiseul one can  safely assume that all will be done in the power of the executive, not to forget Rufus, to sway all delegates in the constituency to vote for Dr Preville. The campaign war has just begun. Can Dr Preville match up to Chastanet's strategies? King, Rufus and Frederick could not, leading to the last Convention, Who says Dr Preville can?


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