Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Caribbean Youth Day 2014

The theme for this Year's Youth Day is -: Embracing technology to promote innovative and sustainably conscious Caribbean Youth
Myra Delice from St Lucia gives this explanation:
Technology, particularly information technology,
plays a vital role in current youth developmental
initiatives in metropolitan countries. Therefore, it is
no surprise that future trends will follow suit
parallel with the lightening speed of global
technological advancements. In light of this trend, I believe that the Caribbean should take more
aggressive steps towards equipping its youth with
the knowledge, technical know-how and hands-
on application of such global advancements.
Developing sustainable economies (which are by
products of human resource practices) is one of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)- a clear
indication of its importance
not only in the More Developed Countries, but also
to the Lesser Developed Caribbean countries. An academically capable youth will never loose
flavour in its contribution to youth development,
but it will not suffice on its own. By further
broadening the minds of Caribbean youth through
technological trending, they become more curious
about their environment. Curiosity propels critical thinking, which will further breed innovation. In a
nutshell, an academic and technologically apt
Caribbean youth pave the way for creating
and maintaining sustainable Caribbean economies.

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