Friday, August 22, 2014

Who can bring it home - Allen or Stephenson?

A message to both sides
The political atmosphere within the UWP these days is not what I am sure its supporters would have like it to be. The Frederick's issue, though in the air for sometime now, this time around, after news broke out that he (Frederick) has officially been expelled from the party, must have shifted supporters of either faction (King and Chastanet) further apart.
    UWP claims that Frederick has missed three consecutive executive meetings.....according to the constitution a matter for disciplinary action, and that he has used insulting words at the GS of the Party as well as a form of "halaykarsy" between him and the PL.
Richard Frederick
From the time Chastanet threw in his hat to become PL, plus his method of campaign prior to the Annual Convention of the Party, there has been this King faction, totally opposed to. In King's corner, the major players being Frederick himself, Rufus, Angel, Buffalo and other stalwarts. in Chastanet's corner, Ezekiel, Lenard, Gale, Catherine and other new political faces. Seemingly, a contest between new and old UWP.
Stephenson King
   King is being blamed for the Party losing the last GE through having Frederick on the team. Other reasons include, his inability to deal with Rufus and Richard, his fallout of favour with the Compton family, his indecisiveness and his overall incompetence when it comes to managing his Cabinet.
    Chastanet's horrors starts with his critics crucifying him for using his wealth to buy his way to the top position. He is further criticized for his limited grasp of the local language as well as his authoritarian style politics. Still others mischievously bring in the race issue while another section in the debate denounces him for wanting this kind of power when his is already so wealthy.

Allen chastanet
But are the reasons given by UWP really the fuse to kick Frederick out of the Party? Kenny and his boys had already started a campaign against him during the elections which many Lucians bought. The revocation of his US passport did more harm to him than good. His popularity also took a battering when Slick Boy Stan lost to him by a mere 60+ votes at last GE. The Castries Central spoke to him clearly. There is more in the mortar than the pestle.
     As for King he is riding on the wave which Frederick is presently creating. King in his tenure as LOTPO after the Annual convention, made many rash statements, especially the one he made in Florida, which seem to imply his non-regard for the new PL. Since his firing, King has foolishly become a Richard follower with no clear direction.
With the upcoming annual convention it will be very interesting to see what happens. Will King be returned as PL? If King is returned, will Frederick be reinstated? Will the whole present executive be changed? Will Chastanet be retained?

Gale Rigobert
 Whichever way it goes....King or Chastanet...... its a lose, lose situation for Flambeaus. The division will continue to persist.
Will a solution to bring both sides together before the next GE rest with Gale Rigobert? Quite a viable choice!

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Watching on the outside said...

Yea, I agree with you last paragraph. Some middle person must fill in to join the two distant divisions. Too much damage has been done.