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Deborah Tobierre (Gov Senator)
It passes as a little strange that just after Deborah Tobierre, a government senator, speaks out on threats being made against her life. No sooner the government's press secretary, Jadia Jn Pierre-Emmanuel, is also fearful for her own personal safe...ty.

Despite both government officials have been to some extent more than happy to express themselves freely, it appears others must now be taken to task for doing the same.

   It's all well for Tobierre and Jadia to put out their ads of free speech for people to come and shop their government made for sale items, but when it's UnitedPac ads of free speech which turns out today's sale of the day the competition becomes too fierce and unfair.

UnitedPac statements about Senator Tobierre being endorsed to contest the 2016 elections in Vieux-Fort South at a secret meeting is "absolutely not true", says Senator Tobierre.

But, just when you thought the truth had bolted out from the horse's mouth and not on good grounds when said by UnitedPac. We are again presented with the Tobierre horse making good its ground on being endorsed to run the Vieux-Fort South seat.

Prime Minister of St Lucia
“A lot of the rumours seems to be originating from the Labour camp" admitted Tobierre. Though, in the same breathe she hastens to say "I am deeply honored that Dr. Anthony had such confidence in me (like her endorsement had indeed taken place), but due to my current business responsibilities and the political climate, I may be reluctant to accept such an appointment in the future." Says Tobierre.

Maybe that's just about the truth of a horse flashing its tail and a bit woozy at being confronted by the facts of it all. Mindful, "people know that we (referring to herself and the Prime Minister) have great mutual respect for each other." Tobierre tries frantically to quell the rumours by fanning the flames.

While all this time one thought it was UnitedPac spreading propaganda about Senator Tobierre which has somehow exposed her to "open threats of violence", it was Tobierre herself adding to the "rampant speculation" about Dr. Anthony's confidence in her as a possible hopeful for contesting the Vieux-Fort South seat rather than trying to "publicly discourage the thinking".

Jadia Jn Pierre-Emmanuel ( St Lucia PM's PS)
  With Jadia, it’s somewhat different belonging "to a network and family". The extent of which saw her colleagues in the other islands "worry about her safety and sanity". Jadia seems particularly troubled about the death of the Bahamian press secretary, Latore Mackey. "I have been reflecting and I cannot really express what I feel", she went on to add.

Does Jadia know more about Mackey's death than she is willing to share? In her own words she makes clear that “...I too am wondering about the circumstances and recent experiences.” (About Mackey's death perhaps or before his death?)

What circumstances and experiences is the press secretary to the prime minister of Saint Lucia alluding to? Had the tooth fairy press secretary stumble upon more than what she bargained for as not only did they, as she said, "update each other on what is happening in our respective islands."

The press secretary to prime minister of Saint Lucia went on to say that "We copy each other's styles and programmes." if one failed to get the import of what was being said the press secretary emphatically went on to state, "We are one".

Latore Mackery (Bahama's PM's PS)
Does Jadia know more than her words are willing to tell? Though Mackey’s death was still sketchy the press secretary to the prime minister of Saint Lucia was already raising concerns about her own safety. With such remarks being made about how "she is not afraid to discharge her duties as press secretary" and "will continue to do so fearlessly".

It appears the press secretary to prime minister of Saint Lucia has more information about Mackey's death which causes her to worry about her own Safety? Is there an attempt on the life of press secretary imminent as there has been threats on the Facebook life of Deborah Tobierre? Will Jadia like Tobierre "as a matter of formality, report this matter to the police" (?)

The SNO in its article on August 25th , 2014 by Merrick stated, "JnPierre-Emmanuel’s comments was pointed directly to concerns made by Mackey before his death, as it relates to his safety and not specifically what may have led to his murder, given the fact that there is no evidence that links his murder to the political office he held."

 Yet, Jadia still finds "the need for persons like herself (in political office) to look out for their own safety." She further claims "she was attacked most recently by a female in the parking lot at the office of the Prime Minister.” Was that matter reported to the police? All this time building a correlation for her safety without any evidence. Nevertheless "she is aware that she must be on guard"(?)

With Tobierre already looking at "what legislation exists" to deal with freedom of expression on Facebook as it is a relatively new phenomena. It is clear that she will not be discouraged to serve as she wants to contribute to the development of her country. Now, if what she says is true that "It might be difficult to demand that people be more responsible" then the best way to go about it might just be to legislate people’s behaviour.

 This is the mindset which Tobierre wants largely to determine our future. Remember 361? Tobierre is of the view that the “sense of entitlement and dependency that has long been prevalent” in our society must now shift from being free (like freedom of speech and assembly are engendered) to being state sponsored or regulated. All in an attempt to safeguard the “political appointment” of the governing Labour elite from criticism.

Prime Minister of Bahamas
Building her case against UnitedPac however Senator Tobierre (unlike Allen Chastanet who was said to be requesting the Micoud-South seat by Claudius Francis on Straight-Up) would be seeking police intervention, if not, the advice of her lawyer.

But it was not so much a case against what was said as it is one "regarding a violent threat against her in response to the UnitedPac statement". As Tobierre is of the belief the comments made by the man on the Facebook page "Government Employee" was a "direct response to the article distributed by UnitedPac."

The SLP can say whatever they want about Allen Chastanet but it isn't fair to say anything against Kenny's friends with benefits even at true value or amidst the decay of a sweet tooth fairy of a jaded press secretary.

While appealing that people be "more responsible" and to "raise the level of discourse". Why Senator Tobierre didn’t make such a culturally enlightened remark when such propaganda was leveled at Allen Chastanet and Mary Isaac. Surely, hurricane Allen winds of change is coming. So, they are afraid of free speech.

It is ok for Labour to let loose on Allen Chastanet and Mary Isaac (President of the CSA) and to malign them as having agreed in some secret meeting to bring down the Labour government or such nonsense about issuing Mary Isaac with a diplomatic passport once flambeau won the next elections. With no one willing to sue them for their outrageous remarks there was no letting up in their attacks.

Allen Chastanet
Over the last few weeks the SLP has been unrelenting in its criticism of both Allen Chastanet and Mary Isaac. And, at times demonizing them in an attempt to sway public support against the CSA president and the man who now walks along the yellow brick road. Yet, if you listen to them it is only the UnitedPac which is a "politically motivated group" and not them.

It is just the way they will go about seeking public sympathy for themselves. After all, she was appointed a government Senator with threats now being made against her, such remarks must not go unchecked. And, the other is the prime minister’s press secretary and beyond reproach.

Serving as a watchdog and advocacy body and safeguarding the best interest of the youth and exemplifying the standards of good governance, now, every attempt will be made to quiet UnitedPac. This is the just a glimpse of what is to come with all of Labour’s intended efforts at constitutional reform. See how readily Labour has usurped the governor-general’s signature at signing a contract with Grynberg.

No matter how much they try to divert the public’s attention from the real issues. The Looshan Forum invites its readers to stay on the side of free speech. Be on the lookout for Tobierre’s and/or Jadia’s next move however. For if they feel that their political affiliation cannot protect them from criticism they may just play the woman-gender card.

I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it, says Voltaire. The right to freedom of expression belongs to all Looshans no matter how scared at hollow-point Tobierre has without merit become, or how much it has now become a press secretary’s nightmare.


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