Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Which Way You Going Billy?

For the past weeks the Delcer Farmers' Association, the so called newly elected executive have been posting on social media complains which they say affect them grossly - the past executive has not relinquished its hold, one Brian Charles still goes about business as usual, though the new executive says he has no more jurisdiction, Brian apparently seems to be the only one with a copy of the constitution, a member of the association may have been evicted from a meeting which seems to have been called by Brian, the community District Officer being amazed at what transpired at that meeting, and the list of persons in the association is not being disclosed by Brian. Whooye! What a bouillon?
    To my limited understanding of this bouillon going on in Delcer, there seems to be a division - two separate sides that want to head the Delcer Farmers' Association. There are few questions that are lurking in my mind. Was Brian Charles' executive constitutionally voted out? That's the fundamental question. Because it beats me, knowing Brian Charles personally, that he would linger in an association that he has been voted out using the proper protocol. Did a group of over enthusiasts decide to take over the Association barring all protocol? Is there a concerted effort by certain persons who may have scores to settle between them and  the Farmers' Association seem the best avenue to do so? Whatever it is, it doesn't seem to be helping the cause of the true Farmers - just read that there is no water running for irrigation. Yet still the grumbling goes on.
       Though Brian is a son of the soil, and now lives in Reunion,  I am sure that he has given much dedicated service to this association, I would want to think that a president from the area itself would be more convenient for the farmers. Or does Brian foresee ulterior motives by certain persons that want to get into the association so he clings onto power for the sake of the association? Or is there something Brian is hiding?There appears to be more in the mortar than the pestle.
One should also take note that all these Delcer's Farmers' Association complains are being posted by Jimmy Haynes. It begs the question, is he the main man behind all this? Is he the one who wants to see the back of Brian Charles? Inquiring minds want to know.
     Choiseul on the Move have tried to contact Mr Charles by phone, but to no avail. mr Haynes has contacted me and asked why have I not posted the Farmers's issues on this blog? When I told him that I wanted to speak to Brian first to get his side of the story, he chastized me by referring to my piece on Sweet Boy Stan. I was not at all surprised.  Choiseul on the move allows for opinionated statements and as u will see much written here is of an opinionated nature.We will pursue Mr Charles to get his side of the story so our followers and readers can balance both sides argument.
    In the meantime, both sides - Jimmy's side and Brian's side need to come together at the table and get the the Farmers' business back on track.
Isn't it strange that Wibur Joseph a member on the so called new executive have not ushered a public statement? I spoke with him via whatsapp;
Dedan: Hey, just read a PS from ur farmers group. An issue with Brian's exec. Like you guys in a tussle for control of the farmers it appears to me? Any comments,
Wilbur: Lol. I think all of this is counter productive. We should all work together to advance this project n if I see no light, I may have to back out. It takes too much energy to bicker.
Dedan; Boy, I was shocked to read this release. Did you have a hand in this?
Wilbur: Nope. but what is it all about? Where can I read it?
Dedan: The usual.......... one-man show. Take care u are branded in this fracas
Wilbur: Lol. the people know me better. I can never be branded with that. And I tell you there is success in this project, when I put both feet into it........I promise you.
Dedan: I have all the confidence in you bro. Cause u are a no nonsense person. But I must warn you. Keep ur eyes open.
Wilbur: Ok
Well, at no other time than this, are Wilbur's  feet more needed.


Biens Charlemagne said...

You need to get the facts about this situation and stop imposing your opinions on readers. I have no fear in admitting that i'm part of the movement to get this project fully functional at such critical time.

This association has not had an AGM in 6yrs - direct contravention of the constitution.

and is in many more breeches including failure to submit a financial report to its members.

Dedan said...

It is not a matter of imposing opinions Mr Charlemagne. Its a matter of asking questions to get truthful answers for our readers and followers to formulate their own opinons. That's the bottom line.