Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sleek Boy Stan takes on the Law.

Jazz was over and the late-nighters had to find a watering hole to have a last lap. It reminds me of my school days at St Mary's College, during the Carnival season when we, 'de boyz and dem' would always look forward for Ash Wednesday when the revellers after partying so hard on Carnival Monday and Tuesday, used go and 'taway vaval.' That's when we would do our last lap mischiefs etc. A similar case may have occurred at Sleek Boy Stan's place.
The news of a minister's arrest went viral when the Tim disclosed the news, followed by the General Secretary of the SLP who called Newsspin to add clarity to the issue. Before he called many persons were in the 'no no' as to whom this minister was.
According to Leo, and trying to make light the issue, it was only a little music playing inside which did not even disturb the patrons in the place when an officer came in and asked Sleek Boy Stan to lower the music or turn it off since according to the officer the music was too loud. It must have been around 3:15 am Monday morning. Leo went on to inform Newsspin that an exchange of words ensued between the two and Sleek Boy Stan was arrested, taken to the Rodney Bay sub station and released some 15 minutes later.
Wow! It had to take the General Secretary of the Party to come to Sleek Boy Stan's defense? What is Winston Springer's job? Leo should have let this one pass for Springer. Is it in the SlP constitution that when ministers fall short of public expectations that the GS runs to his defense? Would Sleek Boy Stan be arrested if he had complied with the police request? Did Sleek Boy Stan use abusive language to the police officer? What was his demeanor at the time? Was he under the influence of alcohol? Why was he not charged? Was the police officer forced to drop the charge he intended to put on the minister? And the list of questions could go on and on.
The bottom line could be, the minister, in the company of his friends may have wanted to show-off and belittle the police officer. 'Don't you know who I am' and similar foolishness like that, may have spewed from his mouth. But the police taught him a lesson that he will never forget : ''He is not higher than the law.'' That must have been the longest fifteen minutes in his life.
I won't be surprised if the police officer who effected the arrest is being reprimanded by his superiors and higher officials. If my memory serves me well a certain officer working at the Soufriere police station suffered a horrible transfer after he refused to carry out the wishes of a certain parliamentary Rep over an issue where the latter wanted him to effect an arrest on a citizen and the former refused.
It clearly is an offence to play loud music after hours in a neighborhood and as a lawyer Sleek Boy Stan knows that. Persons have been charged and some instances or their equipment confiscated. Sleek Boy Stan got off lightly this time around. Oh how sweet it is to be a minister! An ordinary citizen may not be so lucky.
This is St Lucia where any shit passes.
St Lucia awaits his story.

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