Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Will Lorne Score On Strike Three?

Well, another song will be sung come the week of May 27th and all ears nationwide will be peeled, and all eyes glued to radios and TVs respectively to find out what genre of music will this group of musicians play on the political stage. It can be anything from Soca to folk, or reggae to a requiem. Whatever genre it may be, there is a lot of suspicion that the music might not be soothing to the ear drums and the blockage of the eustacian tube may very well cause Lucians to gasp in Awe.
The Choiseul/Saltibus Constituents are all hyped up to hear what good is in this year's budget for them. The Rep himself must be aware that he must come good this time around - roads, public facilities, the fishing complex problem, the elderly, the youth and jobs are some of the issues the constituents will want to hear about I'm sure.
Lorne's promises during the first two budget presentations have fallen flat on its face - Where is the playing field for the Tet Morne girls? Where is the lighting for the La Fargue playing field? Where is the communty centre for Dar Ban? Where is the starting of the Mini stadium with the $400,000 left over in 2011? What has the Constituency Council achieved? What have been done for the arts and craft workers - Lapointe, Mongouge, Debreuil Caffiere just to mention a few? What is in the pipeline for the many unemployed youth - projects, programs and the litany goes on.
One will recall the very first statement by the Rep in last year's budget debate was he would make it his duty to be present more frequently in the constituency. This blog wrote about this and not to forget the big issue made by Pierre and Dalson about making excuses for the Rep's poor frequency in his constituency - how he is the tourism minister and have to be away and how if he has to sacrifice Choiseul for the country, well so be it and nuff blah blah.
Also at this convention at the La fagure community Centre the Rep took swipes a his opponents and allegedly his recent campaign manager, whom it is widely speculated brought him (rep) home. The Rep went as far as to say, " I will deal with them."
A renouned local blogger in his response to the Rep's threat wrote this, "You express a fair view or begin a new initiative aimed at national or constituency development, and you have political "engineers" not just excoriating, but grossly misinterpreting you in political forums. You also have your own Parliamentary Representative cowardly "jete-ing pawol" at a constituency conference for you. But I guess our honorable legislators under the constitution are guaranteed the same fundamental rights and freedoms as their constituents. The only problem is I find, is some of them seem to spend more time "being angry" at their parliamentary subjects that "representing" them."
This has been Lorne's hallmark of representation over the past two budget cycles, plus his noted absentism in the constituency.
He has had two strikes (budgets) and in all fairness needs a third strike to be in or out. One would hope that he focusses well enough, though he may not have 20/20 vision, to make sure he hits the right notes to make melody to the ears of his constituents this time around.
The Estimate of Revenue and Expenditure for 2014/2015 will be laid in the House on April 29,2014 and will be debated from 2:00pm the same day and continuing on the next day. The Governor General will read her throne speech on May 6, 2014, while the budget address by Dr Anthony will be delivered on May 13, 2014 and the debate scheduled for 15 and 16 May, 2014.
In closing, the Roblot Community awaits with bated breath to hear sweet music to their ears come April 29 or 30.
Mr Rep, please, do not let them down, and by extension the constituency.

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