Wednesday, April 30, 2014

No Boxing In Paradise, Time To Box In Choiseul/Choiseul!

I have never in my entire life following Budget debates witness such obsession by a member of parliament in Government with a past minister. Read between the lines.
Inspite of not having Cable Tv service during the debate and Radio St Liar intermitently oning, offing and at times a horrible reception, I must have been blessed to be able to catch the last 15 mins of our Rep's presentation. "Honorable member, you have fifteen minutes left." the Speaker informed Choiseul's Parliamentary Rep. As if taken by surprised and hoping that he would be graced with more time by the suspension of an Order, he remarked, "Thank you" whether he was granted the extension or not this blog is unable to confirm this. Radio St Liar just cut off, this time with whizzing sound of a cricket, again! Reception was resumed in about 30 seconds.
Here is the Rep's take, in point form. The full 15 speech on Choiseul/Saltibus will be posted in due time.
The Rep said:
1. He has a formidable team on the ground that is committed. They assist,critisize him as needs be.
2. Over 30 projects were completed in Choiseul/Saltibus in 2013/14.
3. There is $18m for the constituency Development Program of which Choiseul/Saltibus will benefit.
4.The Esperance road to be opened in two weeks time.
5. Road works are ongoing at Morne Jacques presently.
6. Road leading into Piaye completed
7. Road rehabilitation of Piaye/Saltibus is ongoing.
8. The Fiette, Daban and Jetrine roads to be started soon.
9. The mongouge community Centre to be opened soon with an IT program geard towards the young people.
10. The Roblot and Piaye Community centes to be built this fiscal year.
11. thank Ministry of Foreign affairs for the batch of fertilizer for the farmers.
12. To upgrage the Piaye playing filed to a first class avenue - lighting and resurfacing
13. Attention will be given to the Choiseul Secondary school.
14.Work has been done on Saltibus Primary School, but more will be done
15. The plight of the fishermen in the village will be addressed. Talks to be held with the fishermen.
This Lorne's vision for Choiseul/Saltibus 2014/15.
This blog as had mentioned previously that the Rep is on his third strike and needs to be focussed least he strikes OUT.
It has been said that a politicians promise is a comfort to a fool. Let's hope this politician proves this old adage wrong.
There is abosolutely no time for Lorne to to go boxing in Paradise or even going to Dubai. Its time to start throwing punches in Choiseul/Saltibus. Oh, how blessed Choiseulians would be see Lorne's BOXING RING in Constituency.
All eyes are on you Mr REP..........time to deliver.

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Anonymous said...

Commited team on the ground indeed. As they are committed to themselves to get the bucks in their pockets. They are not committed to other choiseulians. It is this committed team along with the rep that thinks we choiseulians are still fools. Patiently await a year before election when this committed team will meet with the rep and says now its time to work on our peole and bring them together. Next the insult to us will be them trying to sweet talk us. I no how this group works i have been there and seen it all. Listen my fellow choiseulians let us rally together and show the rep and this few committed team of his that we can never be fool or insulted by them again.. Peace and love