Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Shamalyn's High Hopes For The National Independence Games

Shamalyn at the blocks
This is the story of young female heptathlon athlete. She is 19 years old Shamalyn Albert, born in May 1994.She has been with the Choiseul Athletics Club for the past 7 years. Over the years she's been participating in Various Club Games and have been very competitive in her main events. As a beginner, being introduced to field event, she began with Long jump, High Jump,Javelin and Shot Put. Her track events have always been sprints from 100m - 400m. In 2009, her high jump career was cut short due to an incident which occurred while at school  - Choiseul Secondary at the time. However she continued training in the 6 areas. As time went by her passion for track and field grew stronger and she has committed herself to learning more things and better her techniques.
Posing for the camera
 At least a year later, after being approached, she began training with a throws specialist by the name of Terry Finisterre. He had then realized that Shamalyn had lots of potential in throws and decided to assist her with techniques and setting goals. His commitment and determination and hard work was and will continue to be one she'd be thankful for, since he has been her coach for the past 3-4 years. In 2011,he (Terry Finisterre) introduced Shamalyn to combined events which is a series of multiple events over 2 days. The reason for his decision is that athletes were only allowed to do 3 individual events,and that she was capable and had the talents to complete multiple events over 2 days. She began with the Pentathlon, which consists of 5 events over 2 days. She completed her first Pentathlon in 2012 and then decided to try out the Heptathlon which consists of 7 events over 2 days. She continued her track and field career as a 'hept' athlete. She completed her first full heptathlon at the 2013 edition of the National Individual Championships with a score of 3885, including personal-best marks in all three track events which are 100m hurdles 18:53, 200m 27:09 and 800m 2:45:39. The year 2013 was very tough and challenging.
Doing the Fosbury flop

 In addition, her pre-season training has been coming along perfectly. She's now preparing for the Annual Independence Championships Dated for 22nd and 23rd February 2014. She will be completing her 2nd full Heptathlon and celebrating her 2nd anniversary as a combined event athlete. Her aim for the Independence Championship is to get a score of at least 5000. Her theme for the championship is "GO HARD OR DIE" along with her club's theme "WINNERS NEVER QUIT AND QUITTERs NEVER WIN". She is therefore asking that her fellow Choiseulians to come out to support   the Choiseul Athletics Club on February 22nd - 23rd 2014.

What a leap!
Shamalyn, nicknamed "RedOx" would like to extend special thanks to her coach Terry Finisterre, for his continued  hard work and support, the head coach of Choiseul Athletics Club for her encouragement, and not forgetting Dane Magloire, Jumps Specialist and Fabian Felix and her team members for their words of encouragement and continued support.
The Hurdles
  Choiseul On The Move wishes the Choiseul Athleteics Club and Shamalyn all the best and may their team be victorious.