Saturday, February 15, 2014

Is Choiseul/Saltibus Constituency Ready For The 50th Anniversary Celebrations?

Allen Chastanet - Political Leader
 You know, there is an old saying which says "The more things change the more they remain the same." One would have thought with the new restructuring of the Party, one would see dynamism, commitment and and a sense of co-operation from members and supporters especially in the Choiseul/Saltibus Constituency. This seem to be a far-fetched idea.
   One will recall that at a meeting held at the Mongouge Club 60 building last December, where Ezekiel and Lennard were present, the Branch Executive made a commitment to hold monthly meetings as enshrined in the constitution section 12, to bring persons abreast of developments within the Party. It is not far-fetched to let one know that from the time this executive was formed that not one meeting has been held with supporters/members, of course barring the one in December that was called at the behest of concerned supporters.So what now?
  The Party's 50th anniversary celebrations are about to kick off and  it's a damn shame to know that the supporters, members and well wishers have not felt the hype which is suppose to be attached with such a celebration. Why? Poor administration? An attempt to boycott the activity? A lack of a sense of purpose? and the list could go on and on.
Gale Rigobert _ Parliamentary Leader Of The Opposition
The Party's  anniversary planning  committee has put out  a program for the celebrations. it follows:

UWP 50th Anniversary Events
Theme Yesterday Today and Beyond

Anniversary Date March 31st 2014

Main Activities to mark this golden jubilee

50th Anniversary Logo Competition
Deadline for submission was January 14st 2014.

Family Picnic Day
Scheduled for February 23rd 2014
Venue: Sandy Beach Vieux Fort
Fund Raising Dinner/ Auction 
Scheduled for Friday March 28th 2014
Church Service and Rally
Scheduled for March 30th 2014
Honoring our Stalwarts or elders of the party
This event is to express our deepest appreciation and to say a special thank you for their years of service and contribution to the United Workers party
Constituency Activities
All constituencies will be hosting a series of activities throughout the year with and aim of improving the life of our people
Youth Activities
 These activities are commencing during our 50th Anniversary celebrations and extended throughout 2014.

      With this in mind one would have believed that the Choiseul executive by now would have met with members/supportrs or even form a committee to plan activities to celebrate this milestone of the Party. not on aorta of information is being disseminated to supporters. How sad!
My suggestions, if a meeting was called and I was invited, these are the recommendations I would propose to celebrate this 50th anniversary in our constituency:
 Sunday - Church service and Cricket Match - East Choiseul vs West Choiseul [mixed teams]
> Monday - A talk on 'Community Capacity Building' [member [most likely from outside the constituency]
> Tuesday - Indoor games night
> Wednesday - General knowledge quiz first round [in Kweyole]
> Thursday - General knowledge quiz second round
> Friday - Domino competition among divisional groups
> Saturday - Fund raising activity - BBQ and dance or bingo
> Sunday - Children's spelling, or general knowledge quiz to be held at about 2:00 pm and adults General knowledge finals
Petra Nelson _ President Of Women's Ar
     Of course through discussions dates would be fixed so as not to clash with the Party's program. But "awah, nuttin happenin" with these guys.
Choiseul On The Move is of the opinion that plans seem to be afoot by this present executive to boycott 50th anniversary activities, and why, because they have always and continue to be in KING.s corner. This blog stands corrected.
     One can only hope and pray that good sense prevail and Choiseul/Saltibus  Constituency play its role in this milestone that the Party has achieved thus far.
In closing the Annivery theme speaks volumes as to what we ought to think. Is our local exec cognizant of such? Time alone will tell.

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