Sunday, November 10, 2013

Who Has Jurisisdiction Over Parliamentarians? By Dr. Augustin Charles

If a PM has oversight over the ministers, then who
has oversight over parliamentarians (to ensure that
they do their work conscientiously)? By the way, do parliamentarians who graduate to
ministers of gov't get remuneration for their 'work' as
And is this a plus or minus for our parliamentary
system? Does the lack of an MP salary to Ministers
exonerate them from their poor quality or even non-
representation to their constituents? What specific recommendations are there in constitutional reform
report to address those issues? By the way, who is responsible for the (final review?)
and implementation of the constitutional review
Now that St. Lucia is seemingly at a "crossroad" point
and seemingly facing irreversible discontent and
degeneration in almost every sphere of life, is it now
a strategic point to consider a complete overhaul:
economic, social, constitutional etc?
In the new dispensation, Consideration should also
be given to special provison in our new constitution to
deal with 'negligent' utility companies and also
negligent parliamentarians. Perhaps, we can consider
surcharge for the former and recall after two years
for the latter. Comments:
Merle St.hill: Interesting, keep us informed if you get the answers
De Dan: For poor representation by an MP, Recall should be
on the cards after two years? Hmm! Not in a life
time would you see that. Our electorate are not savvy
enough and our politicians are too greedy. Plus the
partisan politics is a murderer.
Magdelene Daniel: Recalls be done every five years but some of us are
too myopic to even do such. We so love our quality of
lack of representation, that some constituency votes
them forever without any representation. We've got a
long way to go but I pray we get there, when we
starting thinking outside the box and using our brain cells.
Winston Williams: At list someone is asking some question,our st lucia is
how it is now ,because we let mp's do as they please
with us. Like ·
Veran Laforce: It's time to organize and demonstrate against the
miss representation that weve gotten over the years
from our so call MP's.
De Dan: Veran Laforce, take Choiseul for example, all you
hear is talk, talk, and more talk about such a position.
You Veran, I am sure have felt the victimization of
some of these politicians for taking a stance against
them. Thank God you are self-employed. you can
survive. You reallly believe many persons with their two-cent jobs will endanger their job to demonstrate
against a Labah rep? Boy Choiseulians en have balls,
a bunch of cowards who only talk, talk, talk. Come
election time and you will see that the very ones dat
were crying their eyes out about poor
representation, are the very ones ready to kill to re- elect that same rep who gave the 'Soucouyanish'
representation. The more things change, the more
they remain the same. Jah! By the way Veran, are you
willing to lead the charge? You have me , full time. Lol.

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