Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Party Stalwarts Defends Lorne At Conference

The SLP Constituency Conference which was held at Choiseul last Sunday, seemed to have taken the characteristics of a trial - the accused being Lorne Theophilus, being represented by the Party stalwarts and ministers  and the plaintiff, Labour supporters  of Choiseul-Saltibus. The judge, the people of Choiseul-Saltibus

    The case?  Lorne is accused, left, right and centre by the constituents about his prolonged absence from the constituency and  poor representation.

    The persons Lorne suggests that hide behind face book and the  little things written on the blogs, so he says, are the very things  that opened the eyes of the people in the constituency  to demand better representation and not  a "Soucoyan" form as described by a blog that gave him full support during the last election campaign.  Yes, the person whom he implied to "know better" is the very one that somehow almost single-handedly won him this position which he now enjoys.

    So here we are, Minister after Minister, as well as party stalwarts, defending  spewing out all sorts of rhetoric to validate the Rep's  non-presence in the Constituency. Pierre in his defense of the Rep, explained how Lorne  holds that important Tourism Ministry, having a $40m budget, travelling around the world to bring the dollars home and that Choiseul-Saltibus constituents  will not be able to be blessed with his frequent presence. Pierre continued, " My brothers and sisters, how can you see Lorne when Lorne has to go out and promote St Lucia for tourists to come to St Lucia............ How can he sit with you on the block when Nations are fighting for the same tourism market........?" Dalson added to Lorne's defense by saying if Choiseul has to be the sacrificial lamb in place of Lorne's travelling overseas, well so be it.  " Your Parliamentary Rep is a man who is important to this country. If he has to make a sacrifice for the country and he has to sacrifice Choiseul you have to accept this." Dalson echoed.

  Dalson, crude as ever, blasted at the supporters that they are political cannibals and that they eat each other; seemingly implying that they, the supporters of Lorne, should not be the ones to criticize the Rep.  Many persons seem to think that Dalson aimed that low blow at Lorne's past campaign manager, because of a post he once published on his Blog "The Choiseul Powerhouse?" Is Dalson suffering from amnesia? Didn't he know how effective this Blog was during Lorne's campaign? Though Dalson and the past manager are buddies, we are all aware at the hypocrisy and nastiness in SLP's politics. "We have political cannibalism  in Labah. ........You know what that means? " Because of the gathering he reverted to kweyol, "Se ou kar manje moon ou say yon cannibal. Nou kar manje labourites nou mem. Stop that nonsense, stop it." Dalson blasted out. His all wrinkled and shiny face looking miserable.

    Dalson 's misplaced statement should have really been made in his constituency, where  to coin his term "political cannibalism" really took place. One would like to call to his attention the Chris Dolor incident where his supporters savagely brutalized one of their own, as he (Dalson) stood and watched without uttering  one word. The clip "SLP attacks one of their own" on You Tube speaks volumes to this.

     Lorne just amazes me with his constant swings in personality - sometimes, passive, sometimes angry, sometimes mean and loose and sometimes a concoction of all . During his presentation at the conference, he was truly himself - the mean and loose type. Like one person said he was firing on all four cylinders. This blog would have liked to see his performance at the conference if he was prepped with six cylinders.  Lorne seems to dislike criticism, even from his own supporters. Politicians, must put up with the fact that not everyone will be in their corner and that criticisms will always be on the horizon. Lorne continues to threaten persons who oppose him. He, in his address said , "I will deal with them." This statement was directed at the bloggers and users of social media.  This blog makes no bones about Lorne's poor record of representing the people of this constituency. This blog make no bones  writing about Lorne's  poor visibility in the constituency, with special emphasis on Polling division I5 - over 725 days now and no contact with the residents.( remember his apology  in the House to his constituents earlier this year). This blog makes no bones about  condemning  Lorne's statement he made in the House when he announced his intention to make Piaye playing field a "cricket mecca" in the south.(La Fargue Playing Field is more appropriate). This blog makes no bones  complaining about the deplorable conditions of roads in the constituency, and more specifically the Debreuil-Myers bridge Road.  And finally this blog mkes not bones when it comes to exposing the favoritism displayed by this Rep. So for the Rep to come and threaten persons who speak their opinions on  face book or blogs in a legal manner is frightening.

    In his usual rhetoric, to divert persons attention from his poor performance as the District Rep, he took swipes at the former Rep and one individual who he claims was Bousquet's right hand man. One should have seen the glee in his eyes as he  told the poorly attended conference, that he  awaits the day when the PM will give him "card blanche" to expose the wrong doings of the past Rep and his surrogates.    Referring to the past Rep he said, "You will never hear your Parliamentary Rep involved in any scandal. Yea, you will never hear your Parliamentary Rep pocketing monies that belong to the people of Choiseul-Saltibus and using them for his own purposes." As if waiting for his turn to take revenge he bloated, "....given the chance, ..........let the PM tell me," Lorne open your mouth and tell the people of the country what has been going on. When he tells me, my brothers and sisters," rocking from left to right and that mean look on his face,  " on that , I will have a special day in the House.  I will call every name, I will call every cent, and let the people of this country know the kind of scoundrels that have represented them before."  He went on to disclose that he  has  SSDF documents and one of them for sure he is going to make a document of the House and hopefully send it to the DPP office. This time referring to Bousquet's right hand man

   He  seems  to have laid off Chastanet, for now, after probably enjoying the Dubai trips.

    Coming to think about it, Jn Marie may have been right about our District Rep when he said that Lorne lacks the experience and clout to be able to manage the tourism Ministry. The Rep is unable to balance his time effectively between his constituency and the Tourism demands. For that one he can't blame facebook or blog writers or even Chastanet and  Bruce Tucker, much less Tucker's surrogates.

  Finally, instead of Pierre, Dalson and the rest trying to make a case for Lorne over his poor representation for the past two years and blaming it on the Tourism Ministry's work load, one would have hoped Lorne and his party stalwarts would informed Choiseul what steps are in place to make his Ministry part of the development of Choiseul into a tourist attraction district. We in Choiseul- Saltibus are blessed with Beachfronts, Windmills, Waterfalls and Trails.

He lost the case. The Choiseul constituents won big time.

Thursday will be two years since Lorne took over to represent us, could someone point their finger on his achievement?

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