Sunday, August 18, 2013

Step Up, Or Step Out

    The bonds are still there
    There is growing concern over the efficiency of the present Choiseul-Saltibus UWP Constituency Branch when it relates to MOBILISATION. Many of us from the old school have been trying to findout what is happening for the upcoming Mini rally in Vieux fort, all to no avail. is there a conspiracy to boycott Allen's move towards PM-ship. There are circulationg rumors that the present exec is pro Tucker - was he not instrumental in getting his crew to nominate him for chairman of the party? Didn't a few of them openly cried at Marigot when it was officially announced that Ezekiel had won? There is more in the mortar than the pestle.
    Choiseul rep on UWP NYA
       Choiseullocal for Choiseul-saltibus told this blog that after posting a message on the Youth Arm Facebook page, asking for clarification for transportation to Vieux fort,  the Choiseul member on the National Youth Arm told him to provide the transport to Vieux Fort. The Youth Arm  has taken her out of place comment seriously and the matter is being looked into.

      But that is not all, and it shows one the lackadaisical attitude of our present exec. The largest and most loyal polling division wrote this letter to the Chairman of the Branch exec, Mr Gilbert Issac. As to the time i am penning this post the chairman has not dared to reply. This letter was sent nine (9) days ago.  the letter goes like this:
    "Hi Whelan
    I am happy to know that the Executive is apparently active. When do you anticipate the process of establishing the Divisional Groups to commence and how long will this process take? We, that is, the supporters of the Delcer Polling Division, believe that this is a very important and necessary exercise and I urge the Executive to expeditiously conduct that exercise.
    I have seen messages on Facebook promoting a Mini-Rally in Vieux-Fort. What are the arrangements for Choiseul? How many transports, if any, have been allocated for the Delcer Polling Division? If paid transportation is authorized, how much is the trip and when will the drivers be paid? Where is the meeting/rendezvous point? What is the departure time? I anxiously await your prompt response as I am inundated with inquiries from interested supporters and we would need ample time to make the necessary arrangements.
    Is the P.R.O. active? I ask the question because there is very little or no dissemination of information from the Constituency Branch. That is a serious handicap and I urge you and your Executive to improve that aspect of our affairs. I hope that you take my suggestions/recommendations and questions in the spirit in which I make them. The effective management and functioning of the Choiseul/Saltibus Constituency Branch is critical to the success of the UWP and we all, including myself must pull up our proverbial socks. Thanking you in anticipation of for your assistance and cooperation.

    Respectfully yours,

    (name withheld)"

        Serious questions that need immediate answers and that goes for all polling divisions. This letter underpins the problem we the loyal and conscious supporters of UWPs in the constituency  have.
    Choiseul/Saltibus Rep
     We need to remove.this "Soucouyaan", type representation ( pas mwen kee dee e, say nom yo mem kee dee e)  which Choiseul now, is burdened with. Therefore let"s get it RIGHT.

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