Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Debunking The Labor Propagandist Theory That Those With Economic Power Should Not Have Political Power - By Dane Gibson

The latest desperate effort by the minion operatives of the St Lucia Labor Party is to plant fear amongst the masses with this idea that, Allen Chastanet being viewed as being part of an establishment, of a relatively fixed group of privileged people that dominate the St Lucian economy could only be detrimental for St Lucia and St Lucians if they were to be allowed to contribute in Government of St Lucia… Of late terms like "Class", "power" and “bourgeoisie” are terms that suddenly make St Lucians uneasy in social media, and concepts such as "power elite" immediately put people on guard. Do these, like Papa Vader put it “Sections” exist? Of course they do … But the beauty of it all MY FELLOW ST LUCIANS is this Dichotomy in our Democracy has also co-existed and continue to without much ado….But desperate times in the labor camp have led to desperate measures and I suspect it is only to mask numerous failing initiatives and lack of vision by this Gov’t, so the they seek to divide to conquer….Typical.

The fact of the matter is MY FELLOW ST. LUCIANS while we may differ in our social and income levels, and some may have more influence than others, there can be no fixed power group when power is constitutionally lodged the hands of PEOPLE, especially when there is democratic participation through elections and when the evidence of social mobility is everywhere apparent. Our Prime Minister himself is a perfect example having come from humble means working his way to lifestyle of comfort. Anther fact is with that elected officials, along with interest groups like our ever present unions and YOU as consumers, together have enough countervailing power to say that there is a more open, pluralistic distribution of power rather than one with rich people and corporations at the top. Perhaps Dr. Tennyson Joseph labor’s esteemed well degreed political scientist and intellect can come true and shed some light on the matter. I’m sure this would make for a more interesting debate 

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