Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rufus - Shadow Rep?

It took this blog by surprise when it got wind that Bruce Tucker (Rufus) was conducting a meeting of the Choiseul Constituency Branch which was held at the Centre of Excellence, Sunday last.
What on earth is going on, intelligent persons who attended the meeting silently asked themselves. The not so intelligent just sat there like morons taking in all the garbage that this backslider was spewing out from his non-trusting tongue.
Wasn't it this same Rufus who vowed that he was through with politics? Wasn't it this same Rufus who refused to suppoert the party in its bid to challenge the results of the Choiseul seat in the last elections? Wasn't it this same Rufus who boasted of having funds to build a mini stadium, and up to this time no one can find the funds? ( King has confirmed that Rufus was given the funds). Wasn't it this same Rufus who went on tv blasting King and by extension the UWP administration? Wasn't it this same Rufus who has never been on friendly terms with members of the executive of the UWP? Or maybe we are looking at a new man with a new idea. Just don't count on that. " Ler chien ha abitway mange zae mem se ou bwelae gel le e kai tou jou mange le." ( When a dog is accustom of eating eggs, whether you burn its jow or not it will continue to eat it.)
So why is Rufus so keen to get back into the political life of Choiseul residents? The purse maybe flattening? He maybe bent on some mischief? A reliable source has informed the blog that he aims to run for the chairmanship of the party come next convention slated for June this year. Can you believe this? Rufus is not liked in the party and by all accounts he is considered a "scamp."
But no, he came down to the meeting with a van load of drinks to bribe the constituents into selecting the delegates who will have the power to vote at the convention. Really underhand stuff. This has been his style throughout his political life.
Thanks God to an influencial person at that meeting who started asking some serious questions as to the legality of the process which Rufus was pushing down the throats of the gathering. But why is he bent on being charman? A million dollar question.
Questions were asked as to the reasons for the non payments of last election workers. This questions embarassed Rufus who inexcusably told the gathering that he never got the names of the workers. Liar, liar, liar!
Then he had the gonads to tell the gathering that he is the Shadow Rep. Shadow Rep my toe!
What constitution jargon gives him this right? He lost last election and has been very unkind to most of those who supported him. Can you believe that the man has never gone to Delcer/ Lapointe/ Industry, his largest support base, since he lost his seat?
This blog has made it clear that it will fight tooth and nail to have a local run for the seat in the next election. So Rufus better get the hell out of Choiseul and let us deal with our internal affairs.
Dedan Christiani Griffith Jn Baptiste

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Anonymous said...

Good Article Gilo! You have my support. We must all begin to agitate for our locals on both sides of the political divide. We have nuff persons who much better than those fly-by-night guys who embarass us. Keep writing my brother