Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rufus, a no no!

Supporters of the United Workers Party, of the Choiseul constituency are expected today to elect an executive to run the affairs of the Constituency Branch. The meeting is slated to be held at the Centre of Excellence at 4:30 pm.
Previously, this blog made reference to an executive which was formed and coined it as a "Rufus' Puppet Executive." The manner and urgency of the selection of this executive has been suspect in that, information that reached this blog pointed to Rufus having some influence in its selection.
Sources close to the Party speaks to the hierachy of the party being suspect of that executive. As a result little confidence has been placed on them.
Rufus' influence on that executive is intended to rally support from the delegates who will cast their votes at the Party's convention sometime in June to elect the main executive of the Party. Rufus has thrown in his hat to be the Chairman.
A reliable source has informed our blog that today's election may be influenced by the past Rep and he intends to be at the meeting, hopefully to intimidate the voters to get his puppets to give him support in his bid for the chairmanship of the Party.
This will be another sad day in the political history of the Party if Rufus should ever win the chairmanship. But this will not happen as Guy Mayers is also a contender and this blog intends to rally support fo him.
At that meeting today certain members have vouched to ask Rufus for monies owed to them for work executed during the last election. Foremost among them is Jimmy Haynes and your humble servant who intends to make a case for the agents and caterers who worked under their supervision during the last election.
There is also the issue of funds that were proposed for Mini stadium that needs to be brought to the fore.
Rufus, since last election has not had the audacity to visit certain areas where the people had been loyal to him - Delcer, Lapointe, Industry and Roblot, where Uwp has never won this box, but did so last time around. Where is the love? Yet he wants our support to make him chairman of the party.
Does Rufus think we are fools whom he can tramp on and mamaguy any time he feels like? Choiseulians must stand up and get rid of this malaise in our political life once and for all.
Say no to Rufus. The Party itself wants him out.
Dedan Christiani Griffith Jn Baptiste

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