Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What's the rumble in the Police Force?

The talks on the street have it that if you want to know where corruption resides, check thetop heirachy of the Police force.
Last week a Newsspin caller mentioned that about eight top officers in the force have had their US visa revoked. Whether this true or not it remains a fact, as has been confirmed by the Minister of legal affairs, that one top cop has had his visa revoked. He assured the nation that he does not know of any reason. Does this sound familiar? Remember the Frederick case?
Rick in his Sunday talk stuck to his guns to let us know that in a subtle way that the Us is sometimes being mischievous. Bravo! He further reiterated that the Americans don't owe you any explanation why your visa has been revoked.
Still making the rounds in the watering holes around the country is that Vernon Francois, our local boy, and top cop will soon be appointed to the post as commissioner. But hear the anti-climax, he will immediately sent on vacation and Hermingild will be contracted by the Government to act as top cop.
It is also being rumored that a top British cop is due on the island to help in the force. Remember the the last set of British officers that work here and the amount of problems they created for our local police?
The question remains, 1. Will Francois be made Commissioner and sent on leave?Any reasons? The public needs to know. Is this Ausbert's doing since he has comfortably handed a director of security job.
Francois has done a remarkable job in uniting the force as well as cutting down on crime. There are signs that the general public is beginning to show some trust in the force.
The Government needs to tread carefully in the decisions it makes so that unity, work ethics are maitained in the force.

Next week's post. "Did Rufus deserve to Lose?"

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Very good and balanced article, Pippin! That's the man I knew!