Monday, February 27, 2012

John “Bouncing”Dominique laid to rest

    Friday morning February 17, 2012 would be the last time John’s wife would see him alive. According to her John complained of pains in his abdomen throughout the night. She made him some tea and according to her the pain went away. John woke up quite rejuvenated the morning  enough to bid his wife goodbye as she left for work.
    Just before she left the house she asked her husband whether he would like to visit the doctor that morning. Negative. However, she could not help but notice that John’s gaze was fixed on his mom’s place which can be seen across the’ savanne’ some one hundred metres away. His mom has just recently passed the previous week.
   It was about 1:20pm or there about when one of John’s son notice him lying on the floor in the balcony. According to him his dad showed no vital signs.
   The protocol for a sudden death was observed, the wife was notified and yesterday “Bouncing” had his funeral and was laid to rest at the La Tourney Cemetery.
   He leaves to mourn his wife and six children. He was 50 yrs. Old.
    The funeral service was held at the Seventh Day Church in Vieux Fort. Marlan Wilson’s group “The Harmonic Quartet” performed a Boyz 2men song “It’s hard to say goodbye.” Mrs Petula Joseph gave the eulogy and gave the life story of John more or less from a family perspective. She recalled how John got the name “Bouncing.”  It was his method of delivery that caused the ball to always bounce at his opponent during a game of cricket.
“Bouncing” will surely be missed. 
RIP bro.

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