Thursday, March 04, 2010

Youth Leaders Visit The Elderly

The Choiseul Secondary School RBTT Young Leaders are a dynamic group.  Inspired by their coordinator Ms. Descartes, this year they are really on the move.
 On Wednesday March 3, 2010 the group took a trip to visit the elderly at the Mongouge Adult Day Care Centre. This Centre  was constructed in 2002 and attends to at least twenty-five persons.
Upon arrival at the centre one could sense a feeling of harmony among the elderlys as they sat in a small group discussing their past time history with each other. A member of the group greeted the senior citizens and informed them about the purpose of the group's visit. The Parish priest offered prayers and a short sermon based primarily on the importance to do good deeds as you will be greatly be rewarded in the future. He took time to caution the young leaders that people will "blah blah" about their good deeds but when the "blah blah" is gone the good deeds still remain, so keep doing the good deeds.
The young leaders after helping in serving the seniors with  snack, spent quite some time with them during which they provided much entertainment - singing, dancing, playing board games etc.
The senior citizens feeling very relaxed provided much information to these young leaders as they were engaged in  a one-on-one conversations.
One of the senior citizens, Ide Monrose ironically was celebrating her 86th birthday on this very day. The young leaders sang her the happy birthday song and showered her with praise on her longevity.
Just before parting with the senior citizens Zara Bernard, on behalf of the Young Leaders presented the Director of the centre  with a monetary contribution towards the senior citizens and centre.
In return the senior citizens presented tokens of appreciation to the four teachers who accompanied the group on this visit. Among them was Ms. Jennifer Eugene, who is also the president of the Club 60.

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