Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bousquet assists in a worthy Cause

There can be no doubt that Rufus G. Bousquet is the ideal politician for Choiseul/Saltibus. There is no substitute. The man is charismatic,eloquent, humane, gives everyone a listening ear, has so far dedicated his term to the upliftment of the standard of living in the constituency,and last but not least handsome . You could not ask for more.
Last Sunday at Delcer, patrons at a Bingo held to raise funds to assist Mrs. Bibiana Edgar  to undergo chemotherapy, witnessed the Rep making a donation of $800.00 towards this worthy cause.
Receiving the donation on behalf of Mrs. Edgar was daughter Juliana Edgar, a pre school coordinator in the community. Mr. Bousquet in making the donation told the gathering that he and the Edgar family go back a long way. he expressed sadness at Mrs. Edgar's illness . Juliana expressed great thanks and gratitude towards this timely gesture and went on to say, "This donation will go a long way in helping towards my mom's medical bills. Thanks Mr. Bousquet for your generous contribution. Once again,thank you."
 Prior to the presentation Bousquet paid Mrs. Edgar a visit and one could see that he was very moved by the account given by the lady.
After the short ceremony the Rep mingled with the gathering injecting a little humour here and there. Everyone applauded him for this gesture. A group of youths at the ceremony kept chanting, " Bousquet, Bousquet,Bousquet, Nous parkar teway ou." The Bingo was well attended and the prizes attractive.
Bousquet is really a working peoples'representative, giving his all to uplift his constituency. This brings me back to a point Bousquet made last budget, "When I am gone, Choiseulians will remember me for how I transformed this constituency." Well, he surely has made an impact in this direction.
                        Big Up to the man!!!!!!

Ps: Coming soon Bousquet's website

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