Saturday, October 17, 2009

School Bus Flips Over Three Times

On Friday October 16, 2009 approximately twelve students from the communities of Lamaze, Roblot and Debreuil survived a terrible traffic accident near Nicholas Gas Station at about 7:30 am, as they were being transported to the Choiseul and Piaye Secondary School on a minibus.
It was a wet and rainy morning when according to an on the scene eye witness the mini bus driver lost control of the vehicle which zigzagged many times, slammed into a sidewall, and flipped over three times and landed on its right side across the road. (Shemen mooyea tire glisay) A Jookbois phrase. There are many theories being put forward as to the cause of the accident.
According to this eye witness during the flipping, children were flown out and spread all along the road. Every one onboard was hurt from serious to mild. The most serious case was a girl from Lamaze who suffered a puncture in her head and was bleeding profusely others appear to have broken limbs, cuts and bruises all over their bodies, while the driver suffered a compound fracture of his right arm and numerous cuts and bruises all over.
In no time the scene was jammed with onlookers and vehicles. Parents, friends and relatives who had gotten on the scene were weeping and wailind and they had to be comforted. Four ambulances arrived on the scene in no time. The Fire Service went to work stabilizing the injured students and rushing them to St. Jude’s Hospital. (George Odlum Stadium)
According to reports from the Hospital two students had to be transferred to Tapion and three had to be admitted – the driver, a child from Lamaze, who was stuck under the minibus, and the writer of this blog, Logix, the first pic, who suffered a fractured right wrist and elbow and right knee. All other students were treated at the hospital and discharged.
The District Representative came to the hospital visiting the injured students and offering words of comfort and other forms of assistance to the parents. As I write this post another child is being transfered to Victoria Hospital.

Written by Dedan C. G. Jn. Baptiste


Anonymous said...

wow I am a bit confused as to what the "back" of the bus is. Looking at the photos the bus is on its side.

Ray said...

First i just wanna give the fullest of love and comfort to all the injured students as well as their parents and friends, especially to Logix (the writer), who is one of my best friends ever.I was awoken by my aunt to a phone call from St lucia that morning about 10am, with information which revealed sadness and bitter pain. An explanation of what had happen was what i ate for breakfast, reluctantly though. Anyways i wish the fastest recovery to the injured and i also hope this happening exposes itself as a lesson to not only bus drivers but all road users.

Dedan said...

Thankx reader for your correction. The :back" has been deleted and replaced with "right side"