Monday, October 12, 2009

Bousquet takes first hand look

There is no doubt that Bousquet is a concerned politician who will go at lengths to satisfy the demands of his constituents. In one of last week's post you will remember the conditions under which the residents of La Wee Derriere in Roblot had to walk to get to the main road.Well my dear reader look no further, because the Rep. paid the residents a visit on Sunday October 11, 2009, at about 10:00 am. He was well recieved and actuallly visited every household and had a one on one chat with the people.

"Mwen dakor zot maywetay yon bon shemen," the Rep. instilled in the minds of the residents. ( I am convinced that you all need a good road) Bousquet's entourage was made up of youngsters in the area . The Rep. informed the residents that the road will commence in about two weeks time. It will be a two-lane road with a turning point at the end. The project is estimated to cost $32,000.00. Also, another footpath is expected to be constructed in another part of Roblot - Plateau Rouge. This one is at an estimated cost of $20,000.00.

He also took time to visit an elderly lady who happen to be confined to bed only recently. This was a very touching moment for the Rep. as he reached out to give this lady a comforting pat on her shoulder.This visit, the lady echoed ,will be a lasting memory for her.

The Roblot residents are happy and hats off to the Rep. who by all accounts is raising the standard of living for his people.
A great Christmas present awaits Lawee Derriere.

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