Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bousquet to Present Laptops to Common Entrance Students

At a Presentation Ceremony slated for August 8, 2009, at 10:00 am in the Choiseul Village, the District Representative will be presenting to the top student of the top five primary schools in this year,s Common Entrance Examination results from his constituency with a Laptop.
The school are:
Dugard Combined- Taquel Lewis,
Reunion Primary- Lyndia James
Piaye Combined- Johnny Edward
Delcer Primary- Stephie De Fraites
Rivere Doree Combined- Jordan Mitchel

Mr. Bousquet is very conscious and cognitive of the need of students at such a tender age to be aware of the Information Technological age in which we , and thus these laptops will serve as a foundation to move ahead.
Last year the Rep. presented two laptops to the top two students in the district.

Both principals and parents are expected to accompany the students.

It must be brought to the fore that Mr. Bousquet have made it possible for a few schools in his constituency to recieve photocopiers, desktops and printers. He has made substantial contributions towards ventures identified by these schools.

This is a Rep. who is truly concerned with the Education of our children. Three cheers to Rufus!!


John Silkes said...

The Saltibus Combined School has failed their student by not performing at a higher level. They placed last in the district, thus denying Simeon a Laptop. This school should be investigated.

New Yorkian Lucian said...

Bousquet keep up the good works. These kids will remember you tomorrow.