Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bousquet and Ministry Visit What Is Left Of The Mongouge Community Centre

Residents of Mongouge as well as persons passing through the Mongouge Community would have seen a real eye sore - the remains of what used to be the Mongouge Community Centre. It is rumored that the residents rampaged the building carrying away all what they could. What remains as you will observe in the photos is the bare skeleton.
Mongouge will be getting a new multi-purpose centre soon. So says the District Rep. as he, on June 30, 2009, undertook a tour of the building along with Ministry officials and other relevant authorities. Accompanying the Rep. on that tour were Ms. Velda Joseph, Deputy Director in the Ministry Of Social Transformation, Mr. Darren George, Building Officer at the same Ministry, Mr. Marcellus Emmanuel of the St. Lucia Social Development Fund, The Community Development Officer, Mr. Mc Arthur Phillip, and the Community Librarian.
In his introductory remarks, Mr. Bousquet told the small gathering that this new centre when built will will serve the environs of Raveneau, Boisden. Franciou, Derriere Morne, Morne Sion Mongouge and Martin. He specifically instructed the technicians what he would lik them to consider in the designing of the building. The building he says must have a room for an IT Center, a recreational room for cultural events, a library ,a conference room and facilities to house a Pre School.
Mr. Bousquet noted that things will be done differently in that a proper management committee will be put in place to run this centre. He went on to say, "This new centre will be built to stimulate growth and discipline in the community."
A short visit was made to the library where the Rep.was taken aback by the lack of electricity and the general conditions under which the librarian worked.Electricity will be restore soon, as the Rep. gave orders that Lucelec be written to address tis matter urgenly.
Mr. Bousquet encouraged the technicians to work deligently to get the plans going so that the residents can have this centre by Christmas at max.
The GIS team was there as well.
Bousquet the man for the people, there's no question about that.

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