Friday, April 10, 2009

Laborie Primary Schools Win Inter-primary Schools Sports

Although the opening ceremony started about forty minutes late, what transpired throughout the day more or less made up for this short coming. The day's activities started with a march past with all the schools in district 7 - Banse Primary, Laborie Primary Schools, Piaye Combined, Saltibus Primary, Rivere Doree Combined, Roblot Combined, Reunion Primary, Mongouge Combined and Delcer Primary.
Ms. Theophilia Charles, an official with the Ministry Of Education started the ceremony with prayers,which was followed by remarks by the District Education Officer, followed by a Representative from the District Representative 's Office. then Mr Dave Albert , the Physical Education Teacher from the Piaye Secondary School was the guest speaker . Ms. Eve Amaible, a teacher at the Rivere Doree School, moved the vote of thanks.
A short display of karate skills involving students from the Center Of Excellnce was demonsrated for the general audience which was about two thousand strong.
The atheletes displayed a high level of courage, endurance, speed and discipline throughout the events. The officials on the field displayed a high level of professionalism whilst at the officials booth, three Peace Corps Volunteers took care of the data that flowed from the finishing line, thus furnishing the dj with frequent updates for consumption by the Team coaches and the crowd on the whole.
The relays were spectacular and Laborie really showed their superiority and for a second year they emerged champions again.

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