Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bousquet Spends $100,000.00 In His Constuency During Holy Week.

A number of small projects have been underway in numerous communities in the choiseul/saltibus constuency durin the Easter season. Most of these projects involve,constucttion of small bridges to cros ravines,building of drains, road levelling, pot holing, and cutlassing of road verges as well as clearing drains and unblocking culverts.
The monies have been disbursed to a number od contractors who in turn wil subcontract persons to get the works done. Mr. Bousquet is very pleased to have such a project Code Name: "OPERATION LETS DO IT OURSELVES" underway, as he thinks that the most needy persons in each community will benefit, as well as the projects will uplift the appearance of the communities. It is espected that some one hundred and twenty- five ( 125 ) persons will benefit.

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