Sunday, April 16, 2017

Choiseul Mourns The Passing of Dr Augustin Charles

Dr Augustin Charles
Early this morning social media was buzzing with the news of the passing of Dr Agustin Charles aka King Bolo – a blogger, educator, public servant and activist.  Many took it to be Fake News.

 I remember forwarding the news to a comrade who instantly replied, “Sorry. Just checked and found out that’s fake. Sorry.” Well my dear readers this is not Fake News. Bolo passed on Easter Sunday 2017, at about 3:25am. 

Dr Charles who had been down for a while suffered from some neurological issue – that’s how he put it to me in one of our frequent early morning convos via WhatsApp. In spite of his illness he was well spirited, cracking a few jokes here and there and revisiting our old times together.

Who was Dr Augustin Charles? Not many can give a conclusive report on this icon. – He was multi-talented with a brilliant brain, yet very compassionate human being and family man. However, St Lucia News Online did a fairly good write up. 

The article in part reads:-

“...........He is well-known for his contributions to the popular Facebook group, SLAPS (St. Lucians Aiming for Progress). His passion for current affairs and news was also displayed on his blog, Choiseul Powerhouse.

                                                     Tribute to King Bolo
Also known as King Bolo, Dr. Charles served as deputy permanent secretary (DPS) and also officer in charge of the Ministry of Communications, Works, Transport & Public Utilities (now Ministry of Infrastructure) and also DPS and acting permanent secretary in the Ministry of Social Transformation, Community Services and Local Government.

He was a science, mathematics information technology and physics teacher as well as head of the Science Department at Choiseul Secondary School.

Dr. Charles also served as principal of St Mary’s College, chairman of the Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF) Programme of Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), deputy chairman of the Road & Transport Board and a member of the Training/Development Committee.

Dr. Charles was a UWI scholar with an undergraduate degree (honours), a master’s degree and a PhD degree in science education (majoring in research and teaching of physics). He also attended Florida A&M University and Arizona State University.

He served in numerous capacities at both the local and national levels including deputy chairman (Choiseul Village Council); president, Choiseul Youth Organisation & Hills Sports and Cultural Club; president, secretary and treasurer (Choiseul Credit Union Ltd) and also represented the Credit Union and St. Lucia Cooperative at regional conferences and seminars.

He also served as a director on the Board of the St. Lucia Marine Terminals Ltd (SLMTL) and Prime Minister’s of the National Awards Committee, chairman of the National Conservation Authority and the Board of the St. Lucia Electricity Services (LUCELEC).

Dr. Charles was the father of five children – three males and two females.”

His body now lies at Crick’s Funeral home at Rivere Doree.


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