Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Forgotten Community Youths Head Out On Cleaning Campaign

Grappling with the circulated concept that Christopher Columbus discovered St Lucia on 13th December 1502, today marks St Lucia 514th discovery anniversary. (But we know its actually Jam De Bois who discovered St Lucia. But that's for another show).

Happy National Day St Lucia"

As I awoke and peeked outside my eastern window, there beheld a sight I have not seen in one of the Forgotten Communities for years. gathered outside on the main road were over 15 young men and women, all with the necessary tools heading to a clean-up campaign on the Montete/Myers bridge road.
What was even more intriguing was their enthusiasm to display their National,community pride this National Day? There appeared to be a sense of brother and sisterhood emanating out there.

Though some may want to coin it as a form of step, since a payment is expected, once should go past this thinking for the mere fact that these youths came out showing a love for community and  by extension country.

I have mentioned before in previous post the importance of this Debreuil/Myers bridge road - it cuts travel time between Vieux Fort and Soufriere by almost fifteen minutes. But in spite of the recent rehabilitation of the roadway by CIE Ltd, the bush on both sides tend to grow at an alarming rate, thus narrowing the road considerably.

These young men and boys are designated to taken care of the present problem which has reduced the traffic flow along this road in recent months. Wods just reaching this blog points to a massive clean-up campaign throughout the district.

In closing kudos must go to our young, energetic and caring District Rep for making it all possible. #bradleyontheball

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