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Tyler Theophane Did it For Choiseul, Again! (Videos)

Former Queens - Kim -1998, Shiryna-2003
Choiseul has done it again. Is there some magic about our girls that see them excelling in many facets of life - winning the coveted title of St Lucia’s Carnival Queen being one of these facets? Well then you cannot doubt that in a space of eighteen years three girls with roots in Choiseul have grabbed St Lucia’s National Carnival Queen‘s Crown - Kim D’Auvergne in 1998, daughter of yours truly, Shirnya Stephen in 2003, daughter of Juliana Stephen of Reunion, and in 2016, Tyler Theophane, daughter of Esther Theophane of Cafierre.

Speaking with one of the winning contestants mom who was overjoyed with Tyler’s crowning blasted out,”It’s time Castries people learn to know that Choiseul is part of St Lucia.”They have no regard for us. This is just the beginning.” This mentality I must confess is gradually changing.

Tyler was superb. She carried herself elegantly throughout the competition, and without a doubt her costume was dazzling to put it mildly - no to forget the originality of the song which she so skillfully performed.

Tyler Theophane
But who is Tyler Theophane? Tyler Theophane, young, talented, ambitious eighteen years old, is from the small community of Cafeiere which is seated at the foothills of the Choiseul district, approximately seven kilometers west of the village. Her early involvement in dance productions, singing and acting, gave her the urge to want to be part of talent shows and eventually drawing her interests to the world of pageantry and there she fell in love.

She is currently a member of the SLU MADE Group and the Cafeiere youth group in her community. In SLU MADE in her capacity as PRO she assists the little communities and also the elderly by providing hampers to these people. Upon completion of college, she intends on joining the National Trust where she hopes to join the fight to protect the environment. From then, she intends on continuing her studies in hopes of becoming an environmentalist.

Tyler in Evening wear 

 She frequently uses a quote which she sees as motivation by Andre Kyle Dionisio which reads “Try and fail than failing to try”. It is through these words of wisdom she got the courage to represent her previous school, Choiseul Secondary at the St .Lucia Junior Achievement competition. As PRO of the Junior Achiever’s Club she also had the opportunity to go to Mexico to represent St. Lucia.

 Her mother’s involvement in voluntary activities and groups, has given Tyler the extra zeal to get involved in voluntary work herself.

That Wow moment

After all the parades the results were finally in for the 2016 Carnival Queen Show Pageant:-

1.    Ms Photogenic      -        Tyler Theophane
2.    Ms Congeniality      -       Shartoya Jn Baptiste
3.    Best Swimwear              Tyler Theophane
4.    Best Costume       -        Tyler Theophane
5.    Most Outstanding Talent – Shartoya Jn Baptiste
6.    Best Interview        –         Shartoya Jn Baptiste
7.    Best Evening Wear  –         Anna-Kim Williams

Tyler displaying her talent

And the moment everyone had been waiting for;already one could hear faint echoes in the crowd, “Tyler,Tyler,Tyler!” Well it was not long when the master of ceremonies let it out. “And now for the results.....” he blasted in the microphone.
Third runner-up – Ms Kaysia Vermeil, Ms Digicel 484pts
Second runner-up – Ms Racquel John – Ms st Lucia Zooks 487 pts
First runner-up – Ms Shartoya Jn Baptiste – Ms SuperJ 507 pts
Winner of 2016 Nationa Carnival Queen with 544 – Ms Tyler Theophane - Ms FICS.
The District Parliamentary Representative, Hon Bradly Felix and all Choiseulians both here and abroad wish Tyler Theophane success on her journey as St Lucia’s ambassador.
The 2016 Carnival Queen Contestants

The contestants as shown in the pic above: Top from left to right - Tyler,Bernella, Shartoya,and Kaysia. Bottom from left to right - Anna-Kim, Racquel, Sheris and Kerline. Finally, Congrats from “Choiseul on the Move!” to Tyler Theophane.You did it,and made us all a  proud district.

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