Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Youth Power - Rock the Vote by Nyus Alfred

Sometime ago we presented a young talented female writer, who wanted her name withheld and  who expressed her views on Lorne Theophilus' tenure. Today we present a talented young man by the name of Nyus Alfred who is spearheading the #ISTANDUP  campaign in favour of Bradley Felix. Here is his piece:
"Today I was challenged to provide justification for the ‪#‎ISTANDUP‬ with Bradly movement. Of course, I duly accept, and I will give you REASON #1, and ask that you join the #ISTANDUP movement as we look to bring change to Choiseul/Saltibus.
For the creation of a holistic youth development plan to tap into the talents of the youth of Choiseul- in sports, arts, music, business, agriculture and education, #ISTANDUP

Nyus Alfred
For the implementation of grassroots developmental cricket and football programs for youth 5 years and older, #ISTANDUP. Sports has always been an essential part of the Choiseul/Saltibus community, especially cricket, and these programs will help nurture talents in these sports, to continue our tradition of producing top class sportsmen and women.
For the repair, maintenance and development of sporting infrastructure in Choiseul/Saltibus, to provide first class facilities to help harness the talent among our youth, #ISTANDUP
For the creation of a youth help desk to assist the youth of Choiseul/Saltibus in taking advantage of the various educational and employment opportunities available, #ISTANDUP.
For the creation of model farms across the communities, which will provide employment for our young people, #ISTANDUP.
For increased collaboration with the Choiseul Youth and Sports Council and youth leaders to help identify the various issues affecting the youth of the community, and for working together to find amicable solutions, #ISTANDUP
For recognizing the excellence among our youth in all fields, through support of the annual CYSC awards, #ISTANDUP

To be continued…..

For the creation of programs to support the underprivileged youth with our schools, #ISTANDUP
#ISTANDUP with Bradly Felix for Choiseul/Saltibus because he does more than believe in the youth; He has a PLAN to develop the youth! With Bradly we will create a culture that not just accepts youth, but celebrates youth. The Youth Movement is about to get into overdrive in Choiseul/Saltibus, so make sure that you get on board! ‪#‎YOUTHPOWER‬ ‪#‎ROCKTHEVOTE‬"


Anonymous said...

What is Bradly's plan? Has a UWP government done more for sports, cricket in particular, education or youth development than SLP under Kenny Anthony? Just your mere articulation of ideas lack depth and is clearly just political rhetoric.

Boss Logix said...

Mr/Ms Anonymous,
Whatever rhetoric you thought Nyus' piece articulated, the Choiseul voters bought into it. which by the way nullified your arguments. So sorry for your candidate and by extension your party-- They lost miserably. I will leave you with this quote to comfort you, " He who fights {loses} and runs away lives to fight another day." Bob Marley