Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Flambeau Countdown 2014

The gloves are tied securely on the wrists of both Allen and Claudius as they launch last minute pushes vie-te-vie in the final round of the match to see who captures the crown. It, for sure, will not be these lethal blows that they hurdle at each other that will determine the winner, but a set of soft heads judges that can be swayed either way once the deal/cut is just right.
Many political pundits have given Allen the edge over Claudius, but it would serve Allen well to remember his last defeat in Soufriere where he was not only fighting the opposition but also members within his own party as well.
A paralell can be drawn here as well. It is rumoured that Claudius in tagging with Frederick and Rufus, as well as a few prominent persons who were once in Allen's corner to try to secure the leadership from him.
Rufus, for sure has made the first move where he had his cronies nominate Claudius for the race. Why did it have to be Choiseul? Why not Castries Central or even Castries North? Who is financing Claudius' campaign?
Can Claudius pull this fight off? Quite likely the other set of pundits reiterate. Claudius is young, energetic, educated, can speak kweyole, can put Flambeau back on its feet are some of the points brought forward for this new found politician.
UWP has never been so organized. From the time Allen took over the leadership, one can see purpose and a clear direction where the party is heading, and it would serve them well to continue in this vein regardless who pulls it off on D-day.
Yes, forces are at work for both Allen and Claudius and the fight is a dog-eat-dog one. Let's hope that the same unfounded gossip which came out from the last convention does not find root when the Sunday results are announced.

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