Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Are Choiseulians Proud of What They See?

View on entrance to Lorne's Village
  It takes a big chunk out of my heart any time I leave my abode and have to enter the Choiseul Village to do some transaction at the Choiseul Credit Co-operative.  The entrances to most of the village and towns round the island are blessed with large billboard depicting ' Welcome to ?'...the name of the district. Apart from the Credit Co-operative's billboard and another by some Security Services Company, which are strategically place a the Three-cross roads junction in La Fargue, The entrance to the Choiseul village coming in via the Police  station, is blessed with one of the most natural and creative sights one could ever imagine. Smh. (Don't believe a word of it.)
    Choiseul is blessed to have a Minister of Tourism, and one would have thought that with the Constituency Development Fund, which by the way is managed by the Rep's local office, the input of the Constituency Council, and the vigilance of the Rep's prided group, much more could/would have been done to make the entrance into Choiseul something to be proud of. Not to mention the ambiance it would create in the eyes of our overseas visitors who frequently pass through our village to visit historical sites as well as our Catholic church.
Delapidated building
Have not the Rep  and the relevant authorities seen this? The must have, and let me tell u why. As soon as you approach  that corner, the mashed up house looms before you, but you must slow down considerably as your vehicle maneuvers  HUGE and I mean HUGE pot holes, only  to prolong the pain of this unsightly thing before you. So don't even mention that this sight passes them unnoticed.
To add insult to injury as one travels deepen in to the village just at the corner before the Church is another gorge. What is wrong with the authorities......this is a pain it the A....!
    One may recall that the Councillors of 2011 -2012 did take  stand and had an eyesore [a garage] demolished....it was proving to be a hazard to motorists and pedestrians alike. This present council and the Rep must display some gonads and give Choiseilians a better deal than this.
A car in one of these pot holes 
In closing, Mr Rep, Tourism Minister are you proud of what u see when you enter Choiseul Village? Have u not felt the back and forth rocking of your vehicle as you manage this huge pot holes in the Village? The only reason that you may not have seen these two eye-sores could be that your Choiseul attendance register shows you absent, MUCHO.
   Finally with the Constituency Development Fund and the little subventions to the Constituency Council, please improve the situation of the roads and get this monstrosity out of sight.


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