Thursday, June 26, 2014


Allen Chastanet
After a three-week period, the Choiseul Uwp Branch is on its way to electing a new executive for the year 2014 - 15. The process began with the deadline for new registrant on June 13, to be followed by nomination on June 22 and finally election on the 29th.
These persons were nominated for the various positions were: Gilbert Isaac - Chairman, Brian Charles - Vice Chairman, Enda White - Secretary, Ignatius Jean - Treasurer,  Stan Francis - Youth Officer, Elsa Jones - Women's Affairs, Anison Hunt - Pro, and Peter Philip - Welfare Office. 
What is interesting here is that none of these persons have any other person vying for the same position as them. Is that coincidence or a fait acompli?  Was this nomination honestly open as it should?  I recall vividly a convo I had with a member who wanted to run for the chairmanship and after a talk with the present chairman that's what he said, "
    • "I just spoke to Isaac and he said Hilarian is the Treasurer but he collects subs
    From what he said he is vying to be Chairman and only the positions of SEC - Tres and Youth officer are still available." [ for  nomination}
    This convo took place on June 11, 2014, eleven days before nomination day. so how could the present chairman say that only these three positions are available? ALL position must be up for nominations; not just three. In other words the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Women Affairs and Welfare Officer are not in the box for nominations. Who gave the Chairman this constitutional right to deprive the membership the right to nominate other persons for the said positions which he unconstitutionally withholds? Something smells there.

    Now, Enda, Stany and Ignatius have been nominated, the elections will take place. if these members are unopposed there is no need for elections in my view. so it is a done deal.

    Regardless of the method used to construct this executive, one would hope that the foolishness that prevailed is done away with. The young persons in the executive must at all times be on the backs of these partly tired men to put some enthusiasm into the supporters of the party.

    Their task is to get a candidate almost immediately. there are already rumors of the chairman not being on good terms with a prospective candidate and that the supporters of this persons are already up in arms. Food for thought.
    the relationship with top party supporters must be re-established if any meaningful progress can be made.

    The community groups have to be revitalized and given due recognition in playing a bigger role within the Branch.

    And last but not least, the polling division in Saltibus must be considered as the polling division that can bring the seat back to Uwp but the allegged chairman's attitude and relationships with persons there MUST be seriously reviewed if any progress can be accomplished. The young persons there and him are miles apart.

    This blog, in all fairness, wish the new executive well in their one year stint. And finally, it is a known fact that Peter Philip is a Tucker plant, so lets hope what goes on inside there stays there. Just words of caution.

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