Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Divisiveness In The UWP Camp?

Surely, you'll agree that the "teeway maytay" taking place on social media with support for King or Chastanet to become political leader of the UWP has reached escalating proportions. Is it healthy? Why should it not be. Arguments based on humility, spendthriftness, newcomer etc, keep being the focus of these arguments.
King or Chastanet. That's what is making the rounds these days. Information reaching this blog speaks to a gross dislike for Chastanet within the UWP hierachy. It is alleged that the feeling is that Chastanet just came in and already he wants to be the top man. Hmmm! Ring a bell? A trustworthy source told this blog that it was UWP at work to make sure that Chastanet never won in Soufriere at the last general elections. Surprised? It is alleged the Tucker and Fredo were the chief culprits to make sure Chastanet lost. Also the former UWP candidate played a major role to make Chastanet's loss a reality.
The question is why? Your guess is as good as this blog's own.
King, on the other hand seems to be the more favoured within the heirachy. Is it because of his humbleness, don't carish attitude, his soft approach and what have you? It is a fact that King was not in total control of his cabinet the way Kenny seemingly has his. What justification can you give to Fredo boastfully going around and saying that he gets what he wants from King. No harm in saying this, but what image does it protray of King.
The ill-advised comments about King by the past chairman opened a box of worms. Similarly, Fredo's stint to the press against Chastanet just goes to show the unrestained nature of the man.
UWP's demise at the last general election was due to the division amongst them. Tucker was doing his own thing, Likewise Fredo, Mondesir, Chastanet and the list goes on. Can you imagine that these guys had all this money and they still lost?
Whether Chastanet can pull off the leadership and put UWP on a strong footing remains to be seen. King on the other hand, if elected, will he now put his foot down to send the message that he is boss? Either way it goes, much healing will be needed.
Who holds the edge now, King or Chastanet? There is definitely an aggressive campaign taking place in the Chastanet's camp. Apart from those social media comments in favour of King, not much seem to be happening.
Taking into consideration the constituencies, Soufriere, Laborie, Vieux Fort, Babonneau, Gros Islet and Choiseul to an extent, barring Tucker's influence seem to favour Chastanet.
But the democracy is good. However leaving the leadership of the party in the hans of a few selected individuals, who have little knowledge of politics is a sinful crime for lack of a better word.
July 28 is D-Day. May good sense prevail.

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