Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Councillors to be sworn in on Friday

      With the new Constituency Councils Act just having gone through its first reading, Lorne has nominated his people to form (in my mind) an interim Council while the Act must pass through all the other stages before being on the legislative books.
Bravo, to Mr Rep! He has taken the bold step to make for the first time a resident of Saltibus to head the Choiseul Village Council. History in the making? 
   Yes. Mr H. Cooman, the principal of the Saltibus Primary School has been given the task to lead the other eight Councillors. History is also being made as well, because Imogene Mithel who is the deputy chairperson is the only living Councillor to have served for nine years and is being recycled. Bravo, Mr Rep. (a little pay back?)More history in the making – for the first time a resident of Rivere Doree has been appointed to serve on Council. ( Lorne seemed destined to only create history)
    Why Oliver Sampson? The guy has admitted that he is not well, plus the man is aging. What is wrong to have nominated Dean Charles in his stead? Is there a cut to be had while in Council, through project implementation and assessment? Let not history repeat itself.
    The other Councillors on the team I know have what it takes to make some meaningful contribution during their tenure. (February 1,2012  -  January 31, 2013). Of course, in an earlier blog post, two or three of the persons on the team were recommended by me to be Councillors.
   What however is significantly lacking is a nominee to foresee the needs of the western part of the constituency. Is it a deliberate ply by the rep to punish these people? Whereas , he saw the need to nominate three persons from La Fargue, (which to my mind is excessive) could he not be myopic and see the need for someone on the Mongouge/Delcer side to be on his Council? Maybe he was handed these names by…………. (Your guess is as good as mine)
    The construct of the Council has gotten a 75% approval from this blog. Let’s hope that until the new Constituency Councils Act come into being, where a more balanced and wide cross-section of the constituency will be represented, these Councillors will do their utmost best to make Lorne proud.
   The swearing-in ceremony this blog has been reliably informed is due to take place on Friday this week. The full slate of Councillors to be sworn-in are: Mr H. Cooman  -  Chairman, Mrs Imogene Mitchel   -  Deputy Chairperson, Mr John Mathurin, Ms Tania Alias, Mrs Maura Minvielle, Ms Gail Charles, Ms Eve Amiable,  Mr Kieth Mortley and Mr Oliver Sampson 

Note: Google "Math  wizard". It's a blog designed for grade 7 of primary schools around the constituency

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