Friday, September 24, 2010

Presentation Ceremony Slated for Wednesday Sept. 29, 2010

Reports reaching this blog suggests that the top students from the seven Primary Schools in the constituency will be presented with prizes for their outstanding achievements at this year's Common Entrance Examinations.
The students are - Benjamin Theodille - 90.67,Kathy Ann Z. Mason - 91.33, Nelcia Charlemagne - 88.67, Jeanelle N. Albert - 88.00, Britani Z. Nicholas - 87.33, Wyomia T. Dedier - 84.0, Emila C. Joseph - 83.33, and Jeanique D. Harris.
The ceremony will take place at the Morne Sion on Wednesday. Information is being circulated to the schools to get the students prepared.
Bousquet has religiously kept his promise to recognise the achievements of the youths in this constituency. Last year he gave away six computers and printers to the top Common Entrance Students.
Later after the ceremony a community road is scheduled to be opened in Morne Sion.


Anonymous said...

I think that Mr.Bousquet should also be recognizing students from choiseul who perform remarkably at CXC and A-Levels!! I don't know why he ignores those students. I know students who just wrote CXC's who performed excellently and also a student from Choiseul who performed remarkably at A-Levels this year!
In my opinion, he could assist the CXC students with scholarships for tertiary education and for the graduates from Tertiary he could help with their University studies.
I hope that you can pass this information to Mr.Bousquet as soon as possible because I think it is very important!!

Thanks for your kind co-operation!

Anonymous said...

In addition to my other comment...I hope Mr.Bousquet knows that these CXC and A-Level Graduates will be of age to vote next year and he might just approach them during his campaign!! Their vote counts!