Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bousquet assists a Senior Citizen

At a recently held town - hall meeting with the residents of Gia Bois The District /Parliamentary Representative, after being told of the plight of an elderly lady by the name of Veronique Annius in the community, made a donation of $1500.00 towards the constuction of toilet/bath facilities for the woman.

Recieving the cheque to commence the project was Mr. Mathurin Jean, a retired Head Teacher. who was at the meeting.

Expressing their concerns, the rsidents seem to be unaimous about the deplorable condition of the road. The residents made mention of monies collected in the community to hire a backhoe to carry out repairs to the worst area of the road. Mr. Bousquet hailed their efforts and have promised to send a Grader and roller to do some repairs. He warned that the worst part will be tackled now and the rest in the new year.Mr Boussquet also brought to their attention why this stretch of road may have been neglected.

Another concern of the residents was the installation of telephone. The meetin was well attende and ended at about 7:30pm.

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